“Those who wish to sing, always find a song.”



Those who wish to sing, always find a song.Swedish Proverb

When the email landed at Feel Supreme HQ recently, we were taken aback by what was written infront of us. Quite often, we receive sponsorship proposals, but this one was like no other we’d seen before .

The email was from Andy Murphy , a young, Irish mixed martial artist who’d been plying his trade on one of Europe’s biggest shows, BAMMA. It was a thorough plan of how we could forge a symbiotic relationship, and why sponsorship from us would be so crucial . During 2017, Andy, aka The Carlow Kid, was spontaneously struck down with vertigo and vestibular issues, which has undoubtedly stalled his career. But it was Andy’s optimism and determination to regain his health which really shone through . Who wouldn’t want to work with somebody of that mould? Somebody of the mentality of …

Those who wish to sing, always find a song.

Our founder, Matt Murphy, sat down with Andy to welcome him to the team.

Hi Andy, firstly I’d like to say welcome to the team! What is it that appealed to you to offer us the sponsorship opportunity?

I could be here all day writing about it! But long story short, I got rocked with BPPV vertigo 3 weeks ahead of BAMMA 30. It came out of absolutely nowhere after a training session. And I’ve had trouble shaking it since. Thankfully, the dizziness is gone now and all scans came back clear, so just fighting off a bit of a haze now and doing a lot of vestibular rehab. I have finally got back in to training and hope to build towards a summer return, all going well.

Was it anything in particular which brought it on? Any head trauma during training?

That’s the million dollar question. I’m all about prevention rather than cure, and to this day I’m unsure as to what actually caused it. I didn’t receive any bad blows or any big shot that I could single out. I was 100 per cent physically and mentally turning up to training that day but left with the place spinning. As fighters, we do take shots to the head in sparring and get put hard on our backs from takedowns. But this was no different to any other Saturday session. It’s been a frustrating time since, but also a time of reflection and growth too.

And what’s been the view of the medical professionals?

To be honest, as soon as I mention that I do MMA it’s straight away, “oh, that’s trauma. Blows to the head.” The usual. Even though my MRI is perfectly clear, my eyesight is perfect and nothing dark or sinister showed up on any scan. I won’t lie, it’s been frustrating in that sense as I’m all about taking care of myself when it comes to how I train, my nutrition, my psychology and my overall lifestyle. I’m very professional. I feel as fighters, sometimes we aren’t seen as athletes. If I was a GAA player and had vertigo, I’d wonder would I be treated the same way.

Have you ever consulted a homeopath? As a naturopath, im very much conscious of how your micronutrients effect your body. There is a link between vertigo and vitamin C and vitamin B6. But you’d need a heomeopath with experience of dealing with vertigo.

At this moment in time I haven’t, but I’m very much open to anything that may enable me to be back to optimal levels. At this moment in time I’m back active and moving but something just isn’t firing right.

You mentioned about your nutrition- what does a typical diet look like for you when you training?

Usually I eat at 7am-10am-1pm-4pm-7pm and 10pm. A typical breakfast comprises of porridge oats, a spoon of coconut oil, chia seeds, linseed, blueberries and squeeze of honey plus two boiled eggs. Water and black coffee. A lot of my other meals consist of chicken, basmati rice and green beans. I also consume full fat Greek yoghurt with berries and take supplements such as omega 3,6,9 fish oils and protein directly after workouts.

So a clean, wholefoods diet. You originally came to us for sponsorship with regards to our CBD oil. How do you feel that may benefit you personally, but also other MMA competitors?

Haha hey I like to live a little too but when training I’m very serious about what I consume. At the end of the day the body is like a car and if you’re not fuelling it right it ain’t going to run!

I have to say, I’ve heard rave reviews about your CBD oil. When I trained at Team Alpha Male, the head coach at the time, Justin Bucholz said it was what kept guys on the mat. That certainly got my ears pricked. It has anti inflammatory benefits that are of no doubt benefit to us fighters due to the high volume of training we do. Additionally I’ve heard of how it benefits sleep also, and I do love a good nights sleep!!! Don’t we all!!!

What are your plans for this year?

My plans are pretty simple really. The injury has really made me appreciate how much I love doing what I do. I have a whole new appreciation and drive for the sport. I was hungry for it before but now I’m starving. I’m just itching to get back. The plan is to be back on the big shows as soon as my body and health allows. Which I hope to be this summer all going to plan.

Well we’re here to do what we can to help you achieve that goal. We look forward to working with you. And post fight career , you could look at writing the “how to write a sponsorship proposal manual”! Your attitude and professionalism has been has been impeccable, and you have shown that you are somebody who we would happily work with.



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Chasing the bacon with Liam “The Nightmare” Gittins!

Feel Supreme sponsored Liam “The Nightmare” Gittins
You can’t argue that Southport’s Liam “The Nightmare” Gittin’s career is going from strength to strength at the minute. Following on from his fight-of-the-night performance against John Hughes at the Cage Warriors Academy show, flyweight champion Liam has deservedly had the call up to the senior Cage Warriors card at Liverpool’s Echo Arena this Saturday. 

We sat down with him to discuss his upcoming bout, his diet and lifestyle and our recent sponsorship deal with Liam. 

Hi Liam,

You make the step from Cage Warriors Academy to debuting on the full Cage Warriors card this weekend. It must be a great feeling showcasing your skills on such a high level show?

Hi Matt, 

It’s a great honour to be fighting on Cage Warriors and especially headlining the undercard!

You’re defending your flyweight belt against Abdul Choudhury of SBG Manchester, a gym renowned for their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. How are you expecting the fight to play out?

I know he’s good for his Jiu Jitsu, but I’m ready for anything when I go in there on Saturday. Just because someone’s good on the ground doesn’t mean they won’t try to strike with you. I know I’m capable of taking the fight to various places in the cage against my opponent. He’s a skilled fighter and I’m not going to underestimate him but I think with my experience and style I’ll have the edge over this fight and I’m ready to prove that.

Your head coach at Team Elite Southport, Andy Brocklebank, is a highly respected Muay Thai guy, and although you have to be very much a well rounded fighter this day in age, does this Muay Thai v Jiu Jitsu base have the potential for us to see some old school MMA fireworks?

Yes that’s definitely a potential for the fight, sticking towards your strengths is always a great idea in each fight. Having Andy Brocklebank who has had over 30 pro Thai Boxing fights, Kev Ward who is a multi world championship K1 fighter and Jake Barton who also has loads of experience in Thai Boxing, also having a WBC title in it. Just looking at that, our gym has an obvious  high level knowledge of standup.  I’m not one to avoid wrestling or just jitsu either though, I think a great scenario for this fight would be me picking my opponent off standing, but whether or not I choose to do that on the night we shall see. 

If it’s anything like your previous title defence and fight of the night performance against John Hughes, then we expect it to be a thriller! 

As you know, we are a health and wellness company, so what does a typical diet and lifestyle look like for you at this late stage of camp?

Liam after hearing that the bacon is back in stock!

Yes that fight was for sure a top performance from both me and John. It was awesome to have an opponent who wants to fight and trade blow for blow until the last bell rings!

I had a lot of fun that night haha! 

A typical diet right now, coming up to weigh ins, is a reduced carb diet and making sure to eat at the right times for energy, and training so that I’m still losing the last few bits of weight and keeping my energy up to stay sharp. With the nutritional testing that Feel Supreme put me through, I realised that there were foods that I was sensitive to and with keeping away from them my body felt cleaner and  happier during my training. You can’t go wrong with some salads and lean meats. Your company, Feel Supreme has helped a lot and give me advice on CBD Oil, which has made my recovery quicker and sleeping way easier!

Well, that was our next question- what kind of supplements have you been adding to your diet? And for what reason?

Okay sweet haha. I’ve started taking the CBD oil, vitamin C and pro-biotics. These are things which I think are important- you can get a lot through a healthy diet but supplements definitely have a place when you’re training as hard as the MMA athletes do. Your body burns through alot everytime you train so you have to take notice of how your body is feeling and what you’re eating in order to stay ready for a high performance. 

Definitely. At a time that your body is burning a lot of nutrients with less than usual going back in, your immune system can become compromised. It’s vital to take in immune boosting nutrients and anti oxidants. 

And what about complimentary training such as yoga and meditation? More and more athletes are taking an holistic approach at the moment. Is this something you’ve considered?

Yes that’s very true! I actually did yoga for a year when I was 18 years old and I did enjoy it and saw the benefits too.  I’ve been looking to get back into it recently for helping my flexibility and also relaxing.  I do meditate occasionally which is great for just slowing everything down during the day or thinking over techniques that I practice in training. This helps a lot because you have the muscle memory for moves but you also need to have the mental rehearsal over combos and moves. 

Ok so finally, who is Liam when he’s not The Nightmare?

That’s what Liamcam’s all about! (Editor note- excellent plug!)

Liamcam is my Youtube Chanel which gives an insight into the life of me and the various adventures I get upto whilst pursuing a career as an MMA fighter. 

I’d also like to just give a shoutout to my coach Andy Brocklebank, my team mates at Elite, Adam Ventre for always believing in me and my family and friends for the massive amount of support I get! They’re all top bacons!

I would also like to say a big thanks to Hamma who welcome me down to train with them for my upcoming fights, Nathan Fletcher who helped train with me for this upcoming bout and to you guys at Feel Supreme for your nutrition advice and constant support. Also to Russle Wright (RDW) who has become a new sponsor and to Shakespeare Barber Shop!

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Athlete Nick Santangeli talks diet and lifestyle

Feel Supreme sponsored Nick Santangeli

We sat down with mixed martial artist Nick Santangeli recently to get an insight into his diet, lifestyle and recent bout. Fighting out of the MMA Academy in Liverpool, Nicks latest performance was under the UK Fighting Championships banner, were he took an impressive second round submission win. 

Nick combines his role as a martial artist with that of a Sergeant in the Royal  Army Physical Training Corps, both of which require a dedication to clean living. 

We spotted Nicks potential as a martial artist and dedication to continuos self improvement through clean living early on in his career, and were keen to strike a sponsorship deal. Nick embodies the whole Feel Supreme philosophy of living an holistic, clean lifestyle. 

First of all, congratulations on your win at the weekend. How did the fight go in terms of game plan and performance?

Thank you. Going into this fight, my main game plan was to relax into the fight and not rush my work, a mistake I made in my last fight. I achieved this by being In the moment at all times, not thinking or attaching myself to the end result of win loose or draw. (Head coach) Jason Tan said to me before I walked into the cage, “do what you do in the gym and you’ll be fine”, and I feel I done exactly that!

Other than training to fight, what  preparation do you go through in terms of mind set, diet, lifestyle etc?

The main point worth mentioning about my preparation is the plant based diet I have during fight camps. I stick to fruit, veg, nuts and seeds and I strongly feel like this makes the difference when it comes to performance. I have been experimenting throughout all my 4 camps of 2017 and since changing to complete plant based, I have noticed the most improvements both physically and mentally. Were able, I stick to organic food, ensuring I’m not eating any unnecessary chemicals. Being sponsored by a company such as Feel Supreme really helps with this as I know all my vitamins/mineral supplements are chemical free and fully vegan.

The second part of my preparation is the mental aspect of fighting. I myself suffer with a lot of nerves and become scared sometimes thinking about the fight haha! Crazy thoughts go through my head- everything from “what will happen if I lose?” to “will my coaches stop believing in me?” etc. A lot of nonsense. So I spend a lot of time reading and researching on how to overcome these thoughts and emotions. 
I feel my last performance was a prime example on how I have learned to overcome these thoughts.  I was really nervous leading up to the fight and through reprogramming my thought process I was able to completely be in the moment once stepping in the cage and put on a clinical performance.
You’re not only a training partner, but also a close friend of BAMMA Champion and fellow Feel Supreme sponsored Tim Barnett. Tim is very vocal about his holistic approach to life, an approach you mentioned above with your plant based diet and training the mental side. Do you think the old school mentality of “eat what you want but train like a beast” is quickly being replaced with more of a conscious, clean lifestyle?
Tim is one of the main reasons I started looking into this type of life! I instantly connected with him as a training partner and friend, so it felt only right to explore his approach to his diet and mindset. Thank god I did because it’s been one of the most important changes to my life I could of made. 

No to be completely honest, I don’t think it is. It is becoming more popular, which is amazing, but I see it in my role of head of physical development for an Army Unit, a Strenght and Conditioning coach and also a fighter. People are still really stuck in the old approach to dieting and training. Some people believe it works for them, but I guarantee no matter what your goals are, living a more plant based and conscious life will only propel your performance in a positive direction. I believe it’s our job to educate people to the best of our ability and to make a real difference.
We agree, being conscious of what you eat and how you live can only improve you and push you in a positive direction. 

A lot of people will scoff at the thought of giving up meat, but a plant based diet can’t be too bad can it? What would a general days worth of food look like for you?

I was one of them people, but because I love evolving as an S&C coach and a fighter I gave it ago! And I haven’t looked back!  

Here is so pictures of the my day to day meals

Post workout smoothie
Raw, organic salads
Another misconception of a vegan diet, particularly for an athlete, is that you don’t get enough protein. What vegan protein sources do you consume?

Near enough every vegetable has protein in it, so because I eat so much veg I get a lot that way.  I also eat a lot of organic nut butters, beans, lentils and also hemp products such as hemp protein & hemp seeds.
And what kind of supplements do you include in your diet?

The main supplements I use are the core basics of minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, CoQ10 and a few others added in there like Cordyceps and Reishi mushrooms. All supplied by Feel Supreme of course!
How do those supplements help you. What role does the COQ10, the reishi and Cordyceps play?

CoQ10 is found in every cell of the body which is used as energy for cell growth. Using this was recommended to me during a tough period of one of my fight camps, I found it really beneficial and helpful. 

The Cordyceps and Reishi benefits are endless, I could list so many! The main 2 reasons for myself are the help it gives your immune system and helps improve athletic performance. Any natural help we can get as athletes is a bonus haha.

Final question- what does the future hold for you? 

 Short term, I have 8 weeks before I start camp again so I’m working on my strength & conditioning and also my BJJ. Just enjoying my training with zero pressure. 

Come the new year I’m hoping to fight in February on FCC & UK Fighting Championship in March. That will be a solid start to the year!

​Long term, I’m planning on going as far as I can in this sport and also opening one of the best S&C gyms in Liverpool, specialising in fighter conditioning.

Matt Murphy

Feel Supreme


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Alan Philpott talks diet and lifestyle of a pro athlete

Here we have it. We sat down recently with Feel Supreme sponsored athlete Alan Philpott ahead of his World Title fight this Friday 7th July. 
So, you have a Bamma World Title fight coming up on 7th July against  Shay Walsh. This has the potential to be a great fight, a massive fight on paper for European MMA, and will be a big test for both you and Shay. 

How much of an important part has your diet played in preparation for this fight?

A- My diet is one of the main keys for success. In the past it has been a problem of mine. It has caused bad performances and losses. I have recently teamed up with a Sports Nutritionist who will be taking full control of my diet, weight cut and weight gain after the weigh in. Feel Supreme has came on board to help with my all round health. I have took CBD Sport, Cordyceps and Multivitamins everyday for the last 4/5 weeks. The results speak for themselves. I am fitter and recovering faster than ever. I feel healthier and fitter than ever. Knowing my body is getting more valuable needs is very important so my performances are always the best to my ability. 

So what would be a typical diet for you before camp, and how does that compare to your diet during camp. And how do you change it up come fight week?

A- Each day is different. My meals are based around my training and daily routine. The more active I am the more I eat. As the fight gets closer things really change- the portion sizes , less carbs and I have to cut out the crappy foods. Little treats here and there are ok as long as it’s in moderation. Fight week is really strict. You are limited to veg and light foods, no sugar, salt, sodium anything that can retain and hold water has to be cut out completely

When you say treats, obviously you mean something like an organic ice cold fruit smoothie? So what would a typical meal look like for you come fight week?

A- Haha hmm yea of course haha a little chocolate early stages is fine 😜. 

Depending on the time of day and what sessions I’ve done . But basically I just eat fish veg egg whites . If I am having carbs it would be rice , sweet potatoes and then snacks are berries with Greek yoghurt or a protein shake. 
Ok, so you mentioned about your supplements from Feel Supreme, can you give us a breakdown of what you have and how you feel each supplement has enhanced your health and preparation?

A- I feel a massive difference in my recovery and energy levels. Since taking the CBD Sport, Cordyceps and Multivitamins, I have been getting better sleep. When I wake up I don’t have that groggy, tired, lethargic feeling. I’m awake and ready for the day. My performances have boosted and I feel it’s made a massive improvement on my health. 

Q- So finally, how do you see this fight playing out?

A- I see me putting in a top class performance, picking off Shay Walsh, finding the holes and break him down. I feel levels above them all now, 7th July you’ll see the start of a new era. 

Thank you for your time, and as fans, we’re excited to see you out there. As sponsors, we’re humbled to have been on board. Enjoy fight night!


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CBD Oil by Feel Supreme

So what is our CBD oil all about?

Our hemp derived, high CBD, full spectrum cannabinoid oil blends are made from the highest quality hemp oil and are vigorously tested for their potency and purity at certified laboratories. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring constituent of industrial hemp. It is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid in hemp/cannabis, and is commonly used as a dietary supplement to support general wellness. Despite its relationship to cannabis, it is perfectly legal!

Hemp CBD 6x is made of the same ingredients as our standard Hemp CBD oil, but has six times the amount of cannabidiol, 1,500mg CBD per 30ml. It contains our CBD rich full spectrum Co2 extracted hemp and hemp seed oil.
Most people swallow 15 drops or more, as desired. The amount that people take on a daily basis can vary greatly. Our CBD rich hemp oils can be ingested morning or night, on an empty or full stomach.
If 15 drops are taken once a day, 30ml will last two months.
     We encourage you to experiment with the amount of drops you take to find out what feels best for you !
Comprehensive Ingredient List:

1. Hemp oil extract high in CBD

Our CBD oils contain over 80 different phyto-cannabinoids, most prominently CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, and probably others yet to be adequately identified. In addition to the cannabinoids present in our industrial hemp oil extracts, there are also many other types of natural molecules and phyto-chemical compounds such as amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins (including B1, B2, B6, D), fatty acids (including omega 3 & 6), trace minerals (including iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium), beta-carotene, chlorophyll, flavanoids, ketones, nitrogenous compounds, alkanes, alcohols, glycosides, pigments, hemp seed oil, water, and terpenes. The most common terpenes in our CBD oils are Myrcene, Beta-caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Linalool, alpha-Pinene, beta-Pinene, Nerolidol og Phytol, trans-alpha-Bergamotene, Limonene/ beta-Phellandrene (Co-elution), and alpha-Humulene.

2. Cold pressed Virgin Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is considered to be very nutritious.

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Part 3- 14 Days Vegetarian with Feel Supreme

14 Days Vegetarian with Feel Supreme Part 1
14 Days Vegetarian with Feel Supreme Part 2
Challenge complete!! 

And what an enjoyable ride it’s been. I’ve lost 6lbs (almost half a stone!!) in the last week alone, I’m feeling cleaner, leaner, have a clear mind and an appetite for clean foods. My bowel habits have been….satisfying, my sleep has as good as can be with a newborn baby in the household, and my moods have been consistently happy. All of which are factors which you can judge the effectiveness of a diet. Bear in mind, I have still been following the Feel Supreme guidelines of eating organic wholefoods, 5 times a day (3 balanced meals and 2 snacks) so it is not a case of eating vegetarian pizzas and cheese and onion crisps with a hope to lose weight. 
Apart from day 11  when I woke up with a craving for meat, I’ve not missed it in the 2 weeks since I started the challenge.

Before I get into what I’ve ate in the final section, let’s take a brief look at what a vegetarian diet is. Obviously, it’s avoiding eating animals, but the nutrients you would usually get from chicken, fish etc, are still essential for good health. So it’s important to replace these nutrients from different food sources. The most obvious  macro nutrient abundant in animal flesh is protein. So where would a vegetarian obtain a good source of protein? Well nuts, seeds, chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans and eggs are all good sources of protein. Vitamin B12 is another nutrient found in animal foods, which is essential in proper functioning of the brain and nervous system and the production of red blood cells. Eggs are one of the few sources of vitamin B12 available to vegetarians, along with milk, cheese and other dairy products. Although I personally choose not to drink cows milk and my intake of cheese is limited to once or twice per week. And if you have 5 minutes for the explanation as to why I don’t drink milk, then this video explains a lot. 

I mentioned in Part 1 that I’d been vegetarian briefly before, and that was due to the poor quality of supermarket meat in this country (any meat I do eat is certified organic or grassfed).  Cheap meat is cheap for a reason. Obviously I can’t make accusations here, but it’s believed that a lot of animals are injected with steroids and antibiotics. From a business point of view, of course,this makes sense- bigger cows, bigger profits! Kerching!! But these injections work their way up the food chain and my health is certainly not for sale! And I haven’t even mentioned the conditions that many of these animals find themselves in. Take a look at the documentary Cowspiracy for a real eye opener into what goes on behind the scenes. But beware, it’s not exactly one for a family film night. The treatment of these animals will release different hormones into their bodies, their diet will affect their health and if they’re confined to a small space with no exercise, how will they release the toxins in the bodies? Again, all of this works its way up the food chain onto your plate. 

But I’m not here to advocate a vegetarian diet, I’m here to give an honest opinion on how it has worked for me. We all have a unique biological makeup, and a vegetarian diet may work for some but not for others. For me it gets a big thumbs up! 

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the new blog episode of “14 Days Vegan with Feel Supreme” coming soon. 

So here’s an overview of days 8-14

Day 8 – Monday

Breakfast – Avocado on wholegrain toast

Snack- Blueberries with cashew nuts

Lunch- Mixed bean salad

Dinner- Egg salad with asparagus, broccoli and linseeds 

Day 9 – Tuesday
Breakfast- avocado on wholegrain toast 

Snack – Apple and roasted sunflower seeds 

Lunch – Mixed bean salad with omlette

Snack- kiwi and cashew nuts 

Dinner – chickpeas roasted in smoked paprika, red onions, avocado, lettuce, coleslaw wrapped in 2x fajitas

Day 10 – Wednesday

Breakfast- Avocado on wholegrain toast 

Snack – roasted chilli pumpkin seeds

Lunch – plain omlette with side salad 

Snack- Apple and pumpkin seeds

Dinner- Sweet jacket with mixed beans and green salad

Day 11 – Thursday

Breakfast- Craving meet at this point, but chose cheese on toast 

Snack- Pumpkin seeds and an apple

Lunch- Spinach, lettuce, linseeds , onion, pepper and butter beans 

Dinner- Potato croquettes, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots

 Day 12 – Friday

Breakfast- Cheese on toast

Snack- Pumpkin seeds and Apple

Another hectic Friday at Feel Supreme HQ meant I skipped lunch (I’m seeing a Friday pattern here)

Dinner- Cauliflower and red pepper curry
Day 13 – Saturday
Breakfast – 3 poached eggs with broccoli 

Snack – an apple 

Lunch – jacket sweet potato with mixed beans 

Dinner – falafel, eggs, linseeds and salad 
Day 14 – Sunday
Breakfast- avocado on wholegrain toast

Lunch- roast dinner of potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, stuffing and gravy. 

Supper – cheese on toast

So that’s it, episode 1 of the “14 Days…” Series is complete. 

If you are still reading, then many thanks for sticking with us. 


Organic Coconut Oil by Feel Supreme

Part 2 – 14 Days Vegetarian with Feel Supreme

Firstly, let me start by saying thank you to those of you who have come back for Part 2. If you happen to have stumbled across this, then you can check out Part 1 here

Soooo,for the benefit of our new readers, I’m Matt Murphy, founder of Feel Supreme.  I’m now a week into a  vegetarian diet and what a week of eating it’s been. If you follow Feel Supreme on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram  you will see some of the meals I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Some of asked “don’t you miss meat?” or “don’t you get hungry?”. And then we had Tunagate! But let’s move on from that. 

But to answer the above questions, no, I’m not missing meat atall. In fact, quite the contrary. I’m not a massive meat eater anyway, partially a compassionate decision, but more so for the poor quality of much of the meat on the market, and the ill effects it could potentially pose to me (I will touch more on the quality of meat in next weeks instalment of this blog). When I do eat meat, it’s sourced from certified organic or even grassfed origins. 

Anyhoo, back to the questions. The meals I’ve had have been delicious, filling and easy to make, with top quality organic ingredients. Plus, I’m saving a small fortune buying good quality protein sources at pennies, instead of slabs of meat at pounds! All the more to spend on Feel Supreme Organic Coconut Oil! (who says subliminal advertising doesn’t work?) I did get hungry between meals on Day 4, but after a snack and then a butter bean salad ( wait till you see the picture) , I was done for the night. 

So “how are you feeling?” I hear you ask. I feel great! I’m into Day 7 and I feel that I could maintain vegetarianism for good (which I can’t with the whole “14 Days…” Series). I’ve lost weight (although weight loss is not always a good indicator of health), albeit put some back on. But the weight gain is due to poor nutritional choices during a hectic day 5, which was a one off and easily rectified. Mood and emotions? Great! I’m happy, optimistic and looking forward continuing to eat clean. My energy levels are good, sleep patterns are (always) good and libido is…..well ask Cheryl! 

One drawback though, or it could be a good thing if your a child….or a male, is that gale force winds have been forecast, if you know what I mean. I have been a bit more windy of late, and maybe even slightly bloated, which is completely normal during a transition period of an omnivore to herbivore diet. This is because the foods which I’m consuming in place of meat (butterbeans, pumpkin seeds, falafel) are not only high in protein, but also the wind-causing fibre. 

There was also Day 7- Sunday/Roast Dinner Day. Ordinarily, a vegetarian roast dinner would not be a problem, but I sat down to mine in a place which doesn’t cater for vegetarians – Nanny Anne’s. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a Sunday roast dinner at nans house. But the idea of a vegetarian roast dinner is just without the meat. I knew that the mountain of starch-rich potatoes and gravy ( not so much the vegetables) without a source of protein, would shoot my blood sugar levels through the roof, which would ultimately end with the inevitable energy crash! And boy did I underestimate that crash! Every time we eat, our blood sugar levels rise which we use as our source of energy. Protein and fibre allow this rise to be steady, but without these components, too much glucose is released into the blood, which insulin then draws back out. You would think that in the days of iPhones and hover boards, insulin would be smart enough to remove the excess glucose to a safe level…but no. The ancient wisdom of insulin states that as much glucose should be removed as possible and stored (usually in the lower abs as fat – think spare tyre look) which then leads to an energy slump. This goes to show the importance of ‘balanced meals’. 

But all in all, I’m enjoying the lifestyle. You can find a breakdown of the diet below. 

Day 4 – Thursday

I woke up at 204.8lbs, almost 4 lbs down in 4 days!

I had avocado on wholegrain toast for breakfast, and our famous chilli and sea salt roasted pumpkin seeds for both snacks (one with a kiwi) either side of a jacket potato with butter and salad for lunch. 

Dinner was a lovely butterbean salad with cheese, linseeds, lettuce, spring onion and coleslaw. 

Day 5- Friday 

Probably the hardest day as yet. Not even solely from a vegetarian mindset, but from a nutritionists point of view. Working to tight deadlines at Feel Supreme HQ meant that time was extremely limited. It’s no excuse, as I supposed I should’ve been better prepared, but I’m human. And even more so, I’m a man! Preparation isn’t our strong point. 

I started well, waking up at 204.8lbs and having a breakfast of 2x kiwis and a pot of natural yoghurt. But then chaos ensued. I barely managed a minute to drink, and didn’t get any time to eat until somebody ordered a takeaway about 8pm! I chose what I thought was the least disruptive on the menu with chips and gravy. 

I went to bed hungry and dehydrated (**violins**)

Day 6- Saturday

Woke up a groggy 209lbs!!!! I’m putting the weight gain down to the poor nutritional choices the previous day, and maybe also fat/water retention. 

When the body is not getting an adequate intake of water, it panics and retains what it has as it doesn’t know when it will next be watered. So the less you drink, the more you retain. And the same applies to food (obviously only short term). So with the lack of food and water the previous day, plus the high fat/simple carbohydrate meal the night before I’ve piled on 4.2lbs!!!!

Today was to be another test though. One which I think I passed. We had organised a family day out, so not trusting the catering there, we took our own sandwiches with us. After a breakfast of 2x kiwis and a yoghurt again, I had a cheese and onion sandwich for lunch, and an omelette for dinner. I did sneak in 2x donuts during the day though. Purely to lessen the load on the public of course. 

Day 7- Sunday

Running low on fresh produce at this point (organic shopping time is later today) so I had to prepare a breakfast concoction of whatever I could find. 

Breakfast- butterbeans, red onion and lettuce on wholegrain toast

Lunch – the sleep inducing roast dinner. Roast potatoes, gravy, cauliflower, peas and carrots. 

Dinner- you need to see this to appreciate the beautifullness of it! Falafel, butterbeans, lettuce, coleslaw, boiled eggs, onions and peppers!

Day 8’s dinner

Thanks for reading guys and look out for our final instalment of “14 Days Vegetarian with Feel Supreme” next week. 

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