img_1434-2Here at Feel Supreme, we aim to bring you the complete health and wellness package by using our skills, experience and natural products in an holistic approach .

Initially conceived by naturopathic nutritionist Matt Murphy in 2013, we pride ourselves on the naturopathic approach we take in healing the body, and that we are not just a supplement company. We have grown from a social media information page, to offering a wide range of natural supplements, a nutritional optimisation test, naturopathic diet and lifestyle guidance, mind coaching and an intestinal cleansing protocol. We work with and are trusted by many of the UK and Europe’s highest performing athletes!

We have a structure to how we would guide somebody to better health, although it’s really upto the client, which stages they’d like to undertake.

Stage 1 of Feeling Supreme would be our Nutritional Deficiency Testing. With one of these tests, we can determine whether  you have any nutrient deficiencies, parasites, food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity, an overload of chemicals or even radiation! We can then identify exactly what you need to include or exclude from your diet and lifestyle.

Stage 2 is the naturopathic guidance and bespoke diet and lifestyle plans. Stage 1 makes this stage much more effective.

Stage 3 is to heal the gut. Many illnesses can manifest in a sub-optimal gut . We have developed an intestinal cleanse to help clean out any parasites or overgrowths, and a probiotic with prebiotic formula to help repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria .

Stage 4 is our range of natural supplements .Whether it be CBD oil, a range of super fungi, vitamins, minerals, hemp protein, female support supplements, performance supplements or child support supplements, you can be confident that they are of the very highest quality, certified and scientifically backed up .

We only source products and ingredients of the very highest grade . Every one of our products is natural, organic and plant based. We dont use any synthetic ingredients or animal products!

We also take care in any extraction processes we embark on . Where it’s relevant, our extraction processes are limited to only CO2 extraction. We don’t use any heat processes which may damage nutrient quality.

Stage 5 is our mind coaching programme, 4 Weeks to Feeling Supreme. We take an holistic approach and believe that the mind plays just as an important role in your health as your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle .

4 Weeks to Feeling Supreme has been developed as a bespoke 4 week course by renowned mind coach Vinny Shoreman . Vinny uses the techniques which he has successfully used on his many high profile clients over the last 10+ years . Whether it be stress, anxiety, depression, addiction or just looking to further enhance your sporting prowess or career, Vinny’s techniques can be taught on a 1-1 basis over video call / Skype.


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